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'The Devil Made Me Do It' Autographed Mug


This 13 ounce, ceramic, 2 color mug isn't for the faint of heart. It's signed by Georgina Spelvin (aka Miss Jones) herself, and limited to an edition of 72. Each mug is numbered on it's underside and comes with a certificate of authenticity. In case you're wondering, this mug is dishwasher safe and printed in the U.S. with 'Eco-Friendly', lead-free ink. But would you really want to run this naughty girl through the dishwasher, or leave it sitting on your desk at work?. Nope, Big Mean Lady didn't think so either. This mug must be worshiped and adored! By the way, this is the first in a series of signed, limited edition mugs. There is a 2 mug per customer limit.  Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery. Collect them all! (come on, you know you want to...)

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