Imitation...the sincerest form of flattery?  Yeah right!

Lady Gaga has a new album planned for release in 2011 entitled 'Born this Way', and below is it's cover. It looks amazingly like a project Big Mean Lady Creations designed back in 2008...only not as well rendered. We at Big Mean Lady Creations think that Lady Gaga should have contacted us first and had her album cover done right. So why not drop us a line Ms. Gaga...we'll give you a good deal on some better artwork.


Georgina Spelvin autographs her mugs

Georgina Spelvin (aka Chele Graham-Welsh), star of the 1973 classic adult movie 'The Devil in Miss Jones', is seen here autographing her collectible mugs at her home on September 25th, 2010. You can purchase these limited quantity autographed mugs at the Big Mean Lady's Online Store, along with other authorized Georgina Spelvin collectibles.

Grandpa Ganja and the 'Apple Grenade'

Evan Keliher (aka Grandpa Ganja) is seen holding an 'Apple Grenade' prop that was designed and constructed by Big Mean Lady Creations to promote his book Guerrilla Warfare for Teachers. Big Mean Lady Creations also designed the book's cover.


Jay & Silent Bob's iphone Cover Design Contest

My daughter Michelle aka 'Mini-Mean', entered a contest to design a 'Jay & Silent Bob' iphone cover. Below was her entry. She was in first place until the contest owners found out she was only 15.